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The Reciprocity Collaborative is a home to the Partnering Lab, which investigates and refines creative approaches to dialogue and collaborative interaction across several domains, including health, professional development, education, and arts-based practices. In the area of health, members of the lab are examining new ways of understanding patient-clinician relationships, including the use of wearable technology to promote empathy in clinical education and training. In the professional world, we are conducting research in cultural change and facilitation training, focusing on how non-verbal dialogue impacts the workplace culture. This work investigates how individuals prepare to engage in collaborative tasks, including the support of changing and emerging goals, as well as the nuances of connection and reciprocity through social engineering. In education, we investigate the significance of self-awareness and the role of facilitated dialogue in promoting spaces of learning, growth, and the capacity for seeking alternative perspectives in conflict within informal and formal settings. 

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