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In the last decade, rapid growth of mobile interfaces has enabled faster communication across greater distances. However, these interfaces can also inhibit fully engaging with social experience, leading to poor empathetic awareness,  recurring miscommunication, and feelings of disconnection. At Reciprocity Collaborative, we develop technology that stimulates a mindful understanding of bodily movement and sensitizes users to their own modes of physical and verbal communication. Similar to more traditional mindfulness practices, use of this technology leads to increased awareness and encourages effective and ethical engagement between people in the age of modern technology. 

Our current research investigates wearable technology for use in movement interventions for diverse populations in artistic, clinical, and professional settings, including professional performers, patients with movement disorders, and individuals who seek to develop strategies to communicate effectively, efficiently, and ethically. Sensors capture information from moving bodies, including quality of touch, spatial orientation and position, and variations in speed. Outputs include sound and light, providing feedback to mediate interaction between individuals. 


Our aim in this research is to better understand the nuance of reciprocal interactions, as well as to promote dialogue where it might otherwise be shut down. This research is currently supported by Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AREA Gallery (Boston), and Jacob's Pillow. 

Lecture - Performances

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