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At the Reciprocity Collaborative, we believe the way to understand reciprocity is through practice. As an organization, we are committed to interactive, immersive, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We are a platform for sharing arts-based expertise in a wide range of disciplines including clinical care, creative technology, and social practice.

Our mission is to create broad opportunities for meaningful collaboration. From 2011-2020, we fostered a network of creative professionals who actively made their process of collaboration visible to themselves and others.  The creative network featured dancers, musicians, social practice artists, creative technologists, actors, mechanical engineers, clinical healthcare professionals, visual artists, and cinematographers. Events and partnerships continuously evolved, from immersive workshops and lecture-demonstrations to open format community dialogue and site-specific performances. 


Our vision is to create an international movement of creative, ethical practice. Projects focused on practice-based research, performance, and community engagement. From clinical care and community engagement to site-specific performance and interactive art, these explorations have included workshops at academic institutions including Harvard Medical School, Boston Conservatory, and DePaul University, artistic residencies at the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Parks Service, and interdisciplinary performances at the MIT Media Lab, Jacob’s Pillow, and TEDx. Community partners have included the Mayor's Office for New Urban MechanicsAREA Gallery,  Boston Harbor Now, National Parks Service, and the Black Sheep Ensemble.

Reciprocity is a non-profit platform with the ability to receive tax-deductible donations through fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas. Our projects have been generously supported by community stakeholders, anonymous donors, and partner organizations. Please feel free to reach out for more information about current projects or to commission new work.

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