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IMPACT explores micro-aggression and the ethical underpinnings of relational movement. The piece was born out of research on partnering, and was premiered as a work-in-progress at the Jacob's Pillow Lab "In-Process Series" in March 2018, under the direction of Ilya Vidrin. 

Feedback within the process was collaborative, focused on making sense of the intricacies of physical partnering. Our process began with a philosophical problem, investigating the smallest unit of ethics. To understand the role of actions on a smaller scale, such as the ones we face in everyday life. Our practice was informed by different dance forms, including Latin/Ballroom (Dancesport), Contact Improvisation, Argentinian Tango, and Classical and Contemporary Ballet. 

Dancers: Ilya Vidrin, Angela Falk, Iris Platt

Dramaturge/Rehearsal Director: Valeria Solomonoff

Lighting: Harrison Pearse Burke

Cinematography: Sue Murad

The work continues to develop, including a second work entitled "Touch/Feel" (directed by Valeria Solomonoff), which was performed at the Dance Gallery Festival at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Dance in New York City in  the Fall of 2018.


A new section of the production was performed at the Inside/Out Festival at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in the Summer of 2019. 

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