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“Am I transparent? What do those in power see of me? And what do I of them?” These are some of the questions posed by Cuban artists Lidzie Alvisa and Donis Llago in their first exhibition in Boston from  May to until June. 
Informed by the exhibited artwork of Lidzie Alvisa & Donis Llago, performers don unique, wearable technology in a performative investigation of power dynamics, implicit biases, and unseen boundaries of non-verbal communication. 
With opening dialogue about trust, partnering, care, and responsibility, Artistic Director Ilya Vidrin devised a responsive movement score performed by dancers Ana Novak and Kelsey Berry. The featured wearable technology was specifically designed to capture and sonify pressure, proximity, and relative position. The dancers responded to the visual/sonic artwork through movement and sound, interpreting and embodying the concepts of transparency, power, listening, and fragility. A post-show reception created a common space for dialogue with AREA gallery visitors.
Ana Kelsey Transparent.png
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