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​This summer, artists Caca Yvaire, Kristin Barendregt-Ludwig, and Jessi Stegall conducted site-responsive research focused on deepening relationships to the Boston Harbor Islands. Through memory-work, art-making, and public engagement, they traced the cultural rhythms of island life while documenting signs of sentience along the way. Harboring Project held on Open Expedition at Spectacle Island: on Sunday, August 18th on Spectacle Island, in which we led a self-guided walk with guideposts along the way to explore…

What needs remembering here?
Who benefits from remembering?

What might existing or temporary structures encourage us to remember?


Visitors encountered Spectacle island through art-making, memories, and reflection including the opening of social-engagement structures built in collaboration with Ruinkraft. These structures, built and composed of biomaterials, will stand through Summer 2020, serving as gates to the Imaginal World of Archipelago - our cultural understanding of these Harbor Islands. 

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