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Lead Artists: 
Sue Murad - cinematographer + director
Jenna Pollack - Dancer, maker, educator + co-director


In collaboration with:
Ilya Vidrin - Dance-maker and collaborative artist 
Kristin Barendregt-Ludwig - Social Practice Artist

Old North is an exploration of the tangible and intangible qualities inherent in the oldest church in Boston, historically known for its role in the American Revolution. Inspired by architecture, history, and community, a group of artists and dancers spend one year observing the daily rhythms of staff, visitors, and parishioners noting the collective negotiation between the personal and communal, the public and the private, the past and the present. In the final months, they invite various levels of collaboration, participation, and play from their friends, peers, clergy, congregation, park staff, and tour groups. The film is an introspective compilation of vignettes combining their intuitive, embodied research into a twin portrait of a national park and contemporary church, set to music by Andrew Bird.

Old North was a part of Project SITE - follow the link to learn more about our residency with the National Parks Service.

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