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Project SITE, Boston (2018-2019)

Partnering with the National Parks of Boston and Boston Harbor Now, Reciprocity collaborators are conducting immersive fieldwork to  activate public sites, including Old North Church and the Boston Harbor Islands, using art as a method for civic inquiry.

Partnering Lab, Jacob's Pillow (July 2019)

Reciprocity collaborators will be in residence at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival this summer to share choreographic practice on the Inside/Out Stage, teaching practice with the Jacob's Pillow school, guests including Wendy Whelan, Brian Brooks, Sylvain Lafortune, and Annick Hammel, and to continue our developing research practice on wearable technology.


Reciprocity Collaborative partnered with A R E A. Throughout 2018, performing artists critically engaged with visual exhibitions, activating the gallery spaces in an effort to make the invisible visible. In(tangible) Interactions (I/I) focused specifically on the power of interpretation and shifting perspectives, creating sonic and kinesthetic scores in real-time to interact with art objects. Gallery patrons were invited into the creative process through a series of curated events including rehearsals, workshops, and interactive performances.

MFA Residency 2017
Jacob's Pillow 2018
Evocations 2018
MFA Residency 2017
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