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In the Fall of 2017, Reciprocity was awarded the inaugural Creative Arts Residency at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This partnership brought over 40 artists together to activate the campus and galleries through live performance art, music, and dance. Curated by Ilya Vidrin, the events were designed to engage museum patrons on Wednesday evenings, when the museum waives its admission fee to ensure free access to the public.

The residency featured nine curated evenings of music and dance, including three world premier musical arrangements, multi-gallery pop-up performances, immersive movement workshops, and several outdoor performances. The residency culminated in two full, evening-length concerts in Koch Gallery. One of the concerts featured Boston-local composer, Tony Schemmer, and the other featured newly commissioned dance work set to pieces by Rachmaninoff, Cage, and Arnold Schönberg's epic string sextet, Verklärte Nacht. 

In addition to curating these performances, artistic director Ilya Vidrin collaborated with interdisciplinary film-maker, Sue Murad, on dance and film experiments in conversation with the museum as a site. The two-month exploration brought Sue and Ilya into numerous encounters with galleries, hallways, vestibules, stairwells, investigating the formal architectural features and textures in and outside of the museum buildings.

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