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Featuring the visual artwork of Greg Lookerse, the EVOCATIONS exhibit includes four large works of folded paper inspired by the ceilings of distinct places of worship (temples, mosques, and cathedrals). Lookerse also pointed to Bach and a reverence to geometry as inspiration for his own work.

With opening dialogue about inspiration, appropriation, ritual, and geometry, Artistic Director Ilya Vidrin turned to composer Johannes Brahms, who was similarly inspired by the architectural and geometric work of Bach. The opening phrase of the Brahms Clarinet Trio provided the pitch content, with instrumentation for two clarinets, cello, and a beatboxer. Each musician engaged deeply with the score through guiding questions centered around listening and attunement.
Together with the musicians, dancers respond to the visual artwork, "reading" the geometric lines and curves to inform sonic and physical gesture and quality of sound and movement. 
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