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2019 Events

October 26: Holistic Healing Conference Workshop (Lesley University)

September 28: Movement-Based Activation (Peddocks Island, Boston)

August 18th Open Expedition @ Spectacle Island

July 23-28: Partnering Lab @ Jacob's Pillow

June 8th: (Re)Patterning Performance (Centre for Performance Research, NYC)

May 21st: Open Investigation @ Old North Church

April 12th: Hope in Exile (Temple Israel, Boston)

March 2nd: Reciprocal Practice Workshop (Moving Target @ Green Street Studios)

January 31st: Partnering and Rhetoric Lecture/Performance (Temple Israel, Boston)

January 22-24: Communication Workshop (Harvard School of Public Health)

2018 Events

March 4th: EVOCATIONS with Reciprocity Collaborative (A R E A) 

March: Partnering and Technology Residency (Jacob's Pillow)

April 21st: SIMULACRUM with Reciprocity Collaborative (A R E A) 

April 22nd: Cambridge Science Festival (EMW Street Bio)

May 24th: TRANSPARENT? with Reciprocity Collaborative (AREA)

April 29th: Boston Art Week Workshop with (Black Sheep Ensemble)

September 29th: Power of Story Conference (Harvard Medical School)

October 5th: Dance for Parkinson's Workshop (Mark Morris Studios, New York City)

October 13th: TEDx Providence (Providence, Rhode Island)

October 13th: MIT Hacking Arts (MIT Media Lab)​

November 2-4: Dance Gallery Festival (Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center, New York City)​​

December 13th: Open Process @ Old North Church


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