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The Backburner Concert Series invited performers across disciplines to share works-in-progress from 2014-2018. Bringing together artists with practices in music, theatre, dance, and multi-media performance, the series aimed to provide an opportunity for individuals to present their newest work in an open and welcoming environment, building new audiences, promoting critical interdisciplinary dialogue, and fostering community engagement. Performers included Boston Dance Theatre, Heather Stewart, Black Sheep Ensemble, Robin Aren, Daniel Kurganov and Constantine Finehouse, Eve Boltax and Elizabeth Epsen, Max Murray, and Kristen Wagner.

A key feature of the series is the facilitated audience-performer dialogue; moderated by an expert facilitator, this opportunity is specifically designed to develop connection between performing artists and local community members, challenge artists to articulate their questions, and cultivate a learning environment for performers and observers alike. 

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